Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Kangaroo
Age: 5
Friends: Tasha, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone
First Appearance: Knights are Brave and Strong

Austin acts as the second tritagonist in the series. He is the new kangaroo on the block, so he doesn't yet know the other kids really well. That suppresses his natural bounciness and makes him different sometimes. He's a little hesitant to express his opinion, and little slow to take the lead. He just really wants to get it right. The character is often left out and rarely takes the role of the lead protagonist in episodes, however, in most of the roles he plays, Austin ends up being a very important character in the adventures his friends have. When he overcomes his shy feeling, he gets the respect he deserves for being a really tough kangaroo. Austin is very sweet and kind, and he has a big heart. He is possibly the most sensitive one of the group. Throughout his adventures, he frequently takes the role of a humble servant, or a faithful assistant, putting his friends' needs ahead of his own and helping them in any way he can, as shown in episodes like Race Around the World, Castaways, Scared Of You, and The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters. He's not one to ask for recognition, but even so, he recieves a lot of love and support from Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, and Tasha for all that he does for them.


Austin is depicted as a timid, but funny loving purple anthropomorphic kangaroo who moved into the block recently. Though generally shy during the course of season one, Austin starts to come out of his shell, revealing a smart, friendly, and imaginative child. Although rarely appearing in the spotlight, he does take the role of the lead character in some episodes.

In season one, Austin's voice was a little bit raspy, but from season two and onward, this feature disappeared. Austin's shy trait also disappears in the last two seasons, possibly caused by the show's crew trying to make it more realistic, with Austin getting to know the other children as the years pass by, similar to actual children. Also, as the series progresses, Austin takes the role of more antagonists and villains, such as Mayor Stinkypants and the Gloom Meister.

Austin is one of the Backyardigans, and also the least featured of the five main protagonists. The house he lives in is purple, to match the color of his skin. The character has a toy robot named Robot Roscoe.Austin goes on adventures with his friends Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, and Tasha. He is smart, friendly and imaginative. He can sometimes be shy, but he is extremely helpful and he has a big heart.


Austin is tall and his entire body is purple. He has a light blue shirt with a yellow line in the middle. His nose is dark purple, his eyelashes are black and he has very long ears on the top of his head. Austin has a long tail which comes out of the center of the seat of his dark blue long-short and trails on the ground.


Austin has appeared in many episodes of The Backyardigans. His first appearance was in Knights Are Brave And Strong, the first episode of The Backyardigans.

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