Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: "The Make Believer"
Species: Guppy
Age: 4
Friends: Gil, Molly, Oona, Deema, Nonny
Enemies: None
Relatives: Uknown
Occupation: Schoolboy
First Appearance: Call a Clambulance!
Voiced by: Jelani Imani

Goby is a creative Guppy with a vivid, offbeat imagination. He loves putting on costumes, telling stories, and very much speaking in silly voices. Goby does not keep his imagination to himself, instead he uses it to invent exciting outdoor adventure stories for his friends to act out. Goby is fgreat for bringing friends together for some adventurous imaginative play both in the classroom and on the playground. He likes to eat turkey sandwiches ad cran-apple juice, he also likes to wear baseball caps. He is good friens with Gil, Nonny, Oona, Molly, and Deema. He likes to be part of everyting , it is hinted that he might have feelings for Oona


Beforeadobe flash player came to Nick Jr Goby looked lot like this:


Goby has appeared in every episode bot his first apperence was Call a Clamulance!

love interestEdit

Goby's main Love interest is Deema, many other people think it should be Molly.


Goby has dark blue hair, dark brown skin (African American most likely), and brown eyes. His tail has wavy blue and purple stripes.


  • In The Moon Rocks!, it is revealed that Goby likes to collect rocks
  • Due to Goby being very creative he's normally the Guppy to come up with most of the games they play during recess and has narrated the most storybook segments.
  • Oddly Goby portrays a southern accent.
  • Goby's favorite color is Green.