Horrid Henry
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: "Horrid Henry"
Species: Human
Age: 10
Friends: Rude Ralph
Enemies: Perfect Peter, Moody Margaret
Relatives: Perfect Peter, Melissa (Horrid Henry), Simon (Horrid Henry)
Occupation: School Boy
First Appearance: Horrid Henry's Tricks and Treats


Horrid Henry is the main character and protagonist of the series. He has very horrid behavior. He is horrid all the time, as his mother (Melissa) and his father (Simon) always say so. Henry normally states that it's just something that comes naturally to him. He hates Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter, Stuck-Up Steve, Bossy Bill, all of his other enemies, bedtime, getting out of bed and injections. His friends include Beefy Bert, Rude Ralph and Mischievous Mike (as seen in Horrid Henry and The Perfect Plane). Henry's favourite football club is Ashton Athletic F.C. His age is to be said to be around 9-11 years old. His worst enemy is Stuck-up Steve, as mentioned in the books.


Horrid Henry wears a light blue shirt with a yellow line going through the middle, Henry wears dark blue dirty hJeans and Green shoes.

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