250px-Bubble Guppies

Season Episode Number Air Date Episode Name Pop Song Dance Song Lunch Joke Important Character
1 1 January 24,2011 Call an Clambulance! A Bunch of Bones Do the Check Up "A Hambulance on Rye" Oona
1 2 January 25,2011 The Crayon Prix! Spinning on the Color Wheel What Colors Mean "A box of Crayonberry juice" Molly and Deema
1 3 January26,2011 Bubble Puppy! I Want a Pet Today The Pet Rap "Hot Dog" Gil
1 4 January 27, 2011 Build me a Building! (Episode) Build me a Building! (Song) Construct With Me "A Hammer and Cheese Sandwich" Goby
1 5 January 27 2011 Ducks in a Row! And the Band Plays on Everybody March "Tuna Fish Sandwich" Nonny
1 6 Febuary 1 ,2011 The Grumpfish Special! The Resturant Pizza Pie Dance "Three Chicken Suprise" Mr Grumpfish
1 7 Feburary 2, 2011 The Moon Rocks! Sun, Beautiful, Sun Orbit "An Ice Cream Sundae" Goby
1 8 February 3, 2011 Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf? Our Great Play If You Wanna be a Actor "Three Little Figs" Gil
1 9 February 28, 2011 We Totally Rock! I Need to Rock We Gonna Rock It "Microponie and cheese]]

Goby and Gil

1 10 March 1, 2011 Fishketball! Choose the Right Ball "Spageti and Baseballs" Nonny
1 11 March 2, 2011 The Legend of Pinkfoot Camping Out, Camping Outside What Have You got In You Backpack? "A Sleeping Bag of chips" Goby
1 12 March 3, 2011 Gup, Gup, and Away! We're Gonna Fly Hear that Engine Roar! "A Plane Bagel" Gil and Deema
1 13 April 15, 2011 The Spring Chicken is Coming! It's a Beautiful Day You're a Spring Chicken "Spring Roll" Oona
1 14 April 22, 2011 Boy Meets Squirrel! Meeting Squirrels Get the Nut's on! "Chipsqirrel" Nonny
1 15 May 6, 2011 Have a Cow! The Farmers Song [[ " Molly
1 16 Spetember 19, 2011 Super Shrimptennial Celebration! Bubble City [[ " Goby
1 17 September 20, 2011 Happy Clam Day! Post, Post, Send Me a Letter [[ " Clam
1 18 September 21, 2011 Can you Dig it? A Long Time Ago [[ " Nonny
1 19 September 22, 2011 Bubble Bites! The Supermarket [[ "
" Goby and Gil

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