Title Card Air Date Summary Title
Help wanted May 1, 1999 Spongebob, get his very first job at the Krusty Krab Help Wanted
Reef blower May 1, 1999 Spongebob Moves a Shell Off his lawn Reef Blower
Tea at the Treedome May, 1, 1999 Spongebob meets Sandy Cheeks Tea at the Treedome
300px-BubblestandTitleCard July 17, 1999 Spongebob creates a Bubble Stand with the help from Patrick Bubblestand
Ripped pants July 17, 1999 Spongebob Ripped his Pants at the beach Ripped Pants
Jelly fishing July 31, 1999 Spongebob and patrick take squidward Jellyfishing Jelly Fishing
Plankton July 31, 1999 Plankton uses Mind Control to obtain the Krabby Patty Formulae Plankton!
Nauty nneibours August 7, 1999 Squidward Ruins Spongebob and Patricks Freindship Naughty Nautical Neighbours
Boating school August 7, 1999 Patrick tries to help spongebob pass his exam Boating School
Pizza delivery August 14, 1999 Spongebob and Squidward Deliever a Pizza Pizza Delivery
Homesweet pinapple August 14, 1999 spongebob house is demolished my Nematoads Home Sweet Pineapple
Mermaid man and barneable boy August 21, 1999 Spongebob and Patrick know that their heroes are Retired Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Pickles August 21, 1999 Spongebob forgets how to make Sandwiches Pickles
Hall moiter August 28, 1999 Spongebob Becomes Hall Moniter Hall Monitor
Jellyfish Jam August 28, 1999 Spongebob brings a Jellyfish home. Jellyfish Jam
Sandy's roket September 4, 1999 Patrick and Spongebob sneaks into Sandy's Rocket Sandy's Rocket
Squeaky books September 11, 1999 Spongebob buys Boots off Mr. Krabs which make an annoying Squeaky Sound. Squeaky Boots
Nature apnts September 11, 1999 Spongebob go into the Wild to Befriend Jellyfish. Nature Pants
Oppisite day September 11, 1999 Squidward lies to Spongebob and patrick saying that it's opposite day. Opposite Day
Culture shock 1 September 18, 1999 Squidward hosts a talent show Culture Shock
Fun 2 September 18, 1999 Spongebob Befriends Plankton F.U.N
Muscle pants 3 September 25, 1999 Spongebob lies about his new Muscles MuscleBob BuffPants
Ghost of squiiddt 4 September 25, 1999 Spongebob and Patrick think that squidward's dead Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
300px-The Chaperone October 2, 2000 Spongebob take Pearl to the Prom The Chaperone
to be added

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