Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: "The Natural Born Leader"
Species: Guppy
Age: 4
Friends: Gil, Deema, Oona, Nonny, Goby, Bubble Puppy, Mr. Grouper
Enemies: None
Relatives: Uknown
Occupation: Schoolgirl
First Appearance: Call a Clambulance!
Voiced by: Brianna Gentilella

Molly is a young guppy and a natural born leader, she sings , she's smart. Molly has a massive crush on Gil, but on Goby aswell. This girl has star power! and most important, she's a really good friend. Molly co-hosts the show along with Gil, and due to her bubbly personality, every Guppy wants to swim with her. She always makes it a point to turn to the camera and talk to the audience directly, ensuring that they stay at the center of all the action. The smart co-host of the show. She sings nearly all the pop songs with her blue fish microphone, while the other guppies sing backup. She's good friends with all the Guppies and Mr. Grouper.


Adobe Flash Player was brought to Nick Jr Quite Late, so Molly looked a lot like this:


  • Molly has appeared in every episode but Call a Clambulace! was the first episode she appeared in.

Love InterestsEdit

  • Most people say that Molly's in love with Gil, but some other fans agree on molly being in love with Goby


  • Molly has light brown skin, so she may be Hispanic, and a blue tail with a pattern on it that swirls. She his long,bright pink hair with a smal curl at the end. She also has brown eyes.