The Duloc Dolls: [Singing] Please keep on the grass, shine your shoes, whip your...


Shrek: Ewww! This is disgusting, I smell so bad. Now get off!

Donkey: Get off!

Shrek: Get off!

The Duloc Dolls: No. It's time to get naked.

Both: No! Stop!

[They rips all their clothes and takes hats and shoes]

[They doing crappy things]

[They saw Shrek and Donkey and they blast to their rockets and Shrek and Donkey hold on]

Both: Aaaaaaaaah!

[They flew up to the sky]

Shrek: Help!

Donkey: I'm not get down! I'm scared!

Shrek: Aaaaaah!

[They let go with their handle]

Donkey: Aaaaah!

Both: Aaaaaaaah!

[They died crushed on the floor]

[They closed their books with words "The End"]

Lord: [Laughs] Shrek and Donkey dies. [Laugh] Oh!

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