"Snuggly Nest"
#if:Snuggly nest
Season: 1
Episode Number: 5
Airing Information

Characters PresentEdit


Lau Lau is sewing the last of four beautiful cushions using narabug thread. After Yogo, she presents three of them to the others but then realises that her own is missing. There's just a length of lilac thread leading off into Nara. Lau Lau and the other Piplings follow the thread but it keeps coming to an end. Each time it does, Lau Lau thinks they should give up and turn back, but the others convince her to continue and eventually find the thread again. It leads to feathers, a rustle in a bush, and the sound of birdsong. Eventually it's Lau Lau who perseveres and, along with the children, they discover a beautiful bird who has used the cushion to create a wonderful nest!

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