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The DVD is the first ever episode of The Amazing World of Gumball Darwin Watterson and Gumball Watterson go mad after they break their rented DVD


  • Nicole sees Gumball an tells him to return the DVD of Alligators on a Train back to Laser Video or thumb|right|260pxRipley 2000, Gumball can't be asked to, and talks back to Nicole , He gets scared and changes his mind when Nicole gets furious and punches her hand throught the wall, Gumball walks to the kitchen to see if Darwin has seen the DVD, Gumball get terrified to see that Darwin is using the DVD as a pizza cutter. Gumball screams and grabs it, he scolds Darwin but Scrubs the DVD with the rough side of the Scrubby Sponge, Darwin tells Gumball that the DVD is badly scratched.
  • [[Gumball Watterson|thumb|214px|leftGumball]] screams and lets go of the DVD, it flings into the air and lands in the rubbish disposal, ruining or destroying the DVD. Gumball thinks about how he can replace the DVD without Nicole knowing, ignoring Darwin s advice.
  • Gumball replaces the DVD with a cardboard cutout and trys to return, Darwinsays that the Store Owner will know, at Gumball's home, Darwin recieves a red envelope with red writing, it turns out that they knew that the DVD was fake, and want the real one. Darwin and Gumball have to pay $25 for the DVD, Gumball tries again. Two days later, Gumball and Darwin decide to get money by going onto the street and Darwin pinches Gumball for him to look sad so that he can cry for money, which gets them $3, A real Hobo says them that they are actually on the street to pay for a DVD, Gumball says that life is hard for them.
  • The Hobo switches hats with Gumball's and whenever Gumball tries to reach out for it, The Hobo growls, so Darwin starts to beatbox and Gumball reaches out rhythmically. A man walks down the street and thrown in $4, and the Hobo takes it, and heads inside the store, Gumball feels sorry for him, but then he wins $1000,000 dollars, Gumball asks for his money back, and the Hobo says that he doesn't have any thumb|right|326px|This is a Video of Darwin speaking Chinesechange so he walks off with loads of money in his pockets.
  • Later, Gumball and Darwin try to find jobs from the daily newspaper, Gumball finds a job, which needs a person who can speak chinese, Darwin says in chinese: "Chinese is a hard languatge so no", Finally, they manage to find a job in the cosmetics industry, Gumball gets hit in the face with make-up and becomes allergic to it.
  • When he wipes off the makeup, his eye stretches and his face is looking at the floor, they only get $5 which is notn enough to take the bus home,
  • Gumball and Darwin find BARE letters from Laser Video , Nicole calls Gumball to see if he was alright, it is reaveled that she could smell trouble, with her mother senses, and knows that Gumball was lying so she came home, smelling the letterbox, Gumball and Darwin take out a Replacement DVD, and start running away, Nicole chases them through the neibourhood, Gumball and darwin arrive ant the store and hand over the disc, which was homemade, and is 5 minutes long, the manager is unconvinced, and only Gumball and Darwins names were only on the credits, Nicole fins out and pays $25 dollars for the DVD, and Larry tells her that she must pay the late fee, which is $700, and then they run.

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The dvd
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