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"The Responsible"
Season: 1
Episode Number: 2
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Main Character: Gumball Watterson
"The DVD"
"The Third"

The Responsible is the second episode in The Amazing World of Gumball.


Richard and Nicole have to attend a PTA meeting at the school. Nicole leaves Gumball and Darwin in charge. When Anais was about to go upstairs Gumball and Darwin jump on her and that 79% of stair accidents happen, so Anais has to stay downstairs. On TV was Daisy the Donkey and then an commercial came and Gumball and Darwin destoryed the TV and set it on fire. Gumball and Darwin poured water over an electrical fire and shocked them and they turned black. Anais put out the fire by using an fire extingisher. Anais was reading an book until kicked it out of her hands.

At the school, Richard was nervous to see Miss Simian. Nicole had heard Banana joe's parents weeping and crying in tears and Miss Simian was not surprised that The Wattersons were there.

Back at the house, Anais mad a grumpy face. Darwin suggested maybe a walk in the park would cheer her up. but when they were walking to the park, Gumball put Anais on lead, like a dog. Gumball showed Anais to Bert. Bert got a biscuit out and teased Anais, thinking that she was a dog. Anais got annoyed and bit Bert on the finger. Gumball and Darwin thought that Anais was hungry and made her food. Her food was a mackeral sandwich, a potato and a boot for dessert. Gumball and Darwin knew that the food was to chewy for Anais so Gumball and Darwin ate Anais' food and it turned into a liquid. Gumball made a smiley face on her food. After that, Anais blew her food at Gumball and Darwin's face. Gumball said it was bath time for Anais, as Gumball was running the water Darwin said that isn't water dangerous? Gumball threw Anais out of the bath and told her to do dry cleaning. Anais told Gumball and Darwin to get out of the bathroom. Darwin could hear Anais running water Anais said the she flushed the toilet. Gumball told her that when she has finished she has to wear a baby's diaper. Anais zoomed downstairs into the kitchen as Gumball and Darwin chasing her. but Anais left the water running. Anais threw food at Gumball and Darwin and they ransacked the house. They ran back upstairs into Gumball's room. Anais blocked the door with a desk and climed out of the window. Gumball and Darwin had found out that she had climed out of the window and they climed out as well. Anais locked Gumball and Darwin out on the

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  • The only way to set a swimming pool on fire is to pour gasoline or oil in the pool and then throw a lighted match or flame in the pool, as how Nicole was confused about it.
  • Darwin is able to show his full fish-like abilities when swimming and eating flakes in the submerged house, as opposed to when he nearly seemed to drown when submerged in The Pressure.
  • When Nicole gives the boys permission to babysit Anais, they perform a pose similar to one of the show's promos, which makes sense since the motions from it came from this episode.
  • When Ms. Simian walks out to meet Nicole and Richard, the bench they were sitting on has vanished.
  • Debut: Anais, Richard, Miss Simian, Daizy the Donkey, Banana Joe's parents
  • Running Gag: Gumball And Darwin Keep Chuckling Over Things
  • Setting a swimming pool on fire is considered arson so Gumball would of been arrested and locked up.
  • If Nicole found out Albert was a pervert then she would of called the police and had him arrested.