Wayne Cramp
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 10
Enemies: Lucien Cramp
Relatives: Dorothy Cramp, Harold Cramp, and Lucien Cramp
Occupation: School Boy
Voiced by: Tom Kenny

Welcome to Wayne's Area

the blue-skinned antihero of the series. He is taller, destructive, and the less intelligent of the twins.


Wayne is obsessed with junk, which he collects and hides in his room; he spends most of his time at the junkyard, owned by only friend, Dirty Joe. Unlike Lucien, who loves the swamp, Wayne is terrified of the place, and also has a fear of frogs. Wayne is constantly annoyed by Wendy Winkle who has a crush on him. Wayne's only love is anything sugary, his main source of energy, and if he is deprived from it, he becomes tired and speaks nonsense. Wayne likes to give the impression that he's the best-behaved of the twins to his mother, and sometimes Miss Hissy, but in truth, he likes to manipulate to achieve his goals. Sometimes Lucien who gets in trouble for Wayne's behaviour, although in many episodes, somehow the tides turn and Wayne is punished by pure coincidence. Even though he highly dislike Lucien, he is not above joining forces with him whenever they have a problem that neither of the handle too well. Wayne is technically the younger twin as he was born last in the opening. Wayne is voiced by Tom Kenny.


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