Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: "The Monkey"
Species: Monkey
Age: 5
Friends: Nok Tok, De Li, Lau Lau
Occupation: Musician, Juggler
First Appearance: Moving Things


Yojojo loves to play music with Nok Tok, he can alspo juggle, dance and loves to be with De Li, Yojojo loves to fly about, normally Nok Tok has to control him, when he is flying, espically during Peeka


Yojojo the monkey has an amber coloured body and blue eyes, and has rounded ears on the side of his head. He has four thick hairs rising above his right ear which flop over to his left like a comb-over. In Peeka he is often seen hiding in the log and his long tail is often shown. He also wears a blue pair of pants. Yojojo is a talented musician and juggler. He is the cheeky one who likes playing tricks on the others.