Zaza Zebra
Zaza zebra
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Zebra
Age: 2
Friends: Edmond Elephant, Richard Rabbit, George Pig, Zuzu Zebra
Relatives: Mrs. Zebra, Mr. Zebra, Zuzu Zebra
Occupation: school Girl
First Appearance: Zoe Zebra, the Postman's Daughter

Zaza zebra is the twin of Zuzu Zebra


Zaza is just like Zuzu, she laughs she cries and has a massive crush on Richard Rabbit. Zaza is a little more mature that Zuzu, when zuzu cries she pauses then realises that she has to cry aswell, Zaza is 2 minutes older that Zuzu.


Zaza wears an pink dress like Zuzu she has black and white skin, and black shoes.

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