{{Infobox |name = Zuzu Zebra |image = Zuzu zebra |gender = Female |species = Zebra |age = 2 |friends = Edmond Elephant, George Pig, Richard Rabbit, Zaza Zebra |relatives = Zoe Zebra, Zaza Zebra, Mrs. Zebra, Mr. Zebra |occupation = School girl |first appearance = Template:Zoe Zebra the Postman's Daughter

Zuzu Zebra is the Twin of Zaza Zebra and the little Sister of Zoe Zebra.


Zuzu cries and screams a lot, she has a high pitch voice and is extremly cute, She seems to have a small crush on George Pig.


Zuzu wears a pink dress like Zaza Zebra, and has black and white skin.

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